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Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Lock 21 to Herkimer, wall

Not totally jazzed about our parking spot we decided to start early today. The locks opened at 7 am. We could easily see traffic coming our way should anyone want to lock through in the morning. Also, we knew any traffic headed into Lock 21 had to go through Lock 22, so we didn't need to buzz out first thing. But we didn't dawdle, either.

Mostly the day went fine, despite the cloudy skies and occasional drizzle. The only "not great" thing about the trip today was the section between Lock 20 and Lock 19 (to any boaters headed this way, make a note). This section was particularly narrow, and skinny (we saw 3 feet beneath us in places), and full of logs. Not just wood, logs. On a couple of occasions we put the engines in idle and pushed through whatever was in our way. Once we got passed Lock 19, however, the canal deepened, widened, and was more sparse with debris. Also, things got pretty!

Almost mirror-like as the day started.
The plan was to get to Utica today. Mmmmmm..... piiiiizza. We stopped here on our way loop in 2019. Since then the small town dock and it's care had been turned over to a nearby restaurant. As a result, the "free town dock" was now $4/foot for the night. For those who don't know, that's nothing short of highway robbery. You might pay something around that in Key Largo, for pete's sake. Looking at the reviews it was $3 last year. I'm guessing the restaurant keeps raising prices, hoping that eventually no one will stop there. We certainly pressed on.

The free dock in Herkimer
Plan B was to get to Little Falls, but that was making for a longer day than we wanted or needed to do. We almost turned into Frankfurt that boasted a brewery and marina (Heelpath, which I'm marking that as a possible "next time" destination). After reading reviews we decided on Herkimer. It had a free town wall and was easy walking distance to Walmart and (stop the presses!) an awesome sushi place. 

Tomorrow the winds will come up a bit, so getting into Little Falls quickly will perfect. Besides, the brewery there opens Thursday. And there's good pizza!

Turned into a lovely day.

Now that the starboard engine is fixed, we're having
a mystery experience with the port. It's not actually
doing that. But the dial's gone wonky.

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