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Saturday, September 16, 2023

Little Falls to Lock 11, wall

We got bummer news from our buddy boat that they're going to be held up a bit more. Dragging our heals no longer makes sense so we're proceeding apace -- not quickly, not long days, but doing 4 to 5 hours a day (or 5 locks, as the case was today).

No issues, other than a bit of wind that made locking a little tricky, but not terrible.

Little Falls, 2019

Little Falls, 2023. Way better! 6 feet difference, or more.

This spot, Lock 11, was planned,. Way back in Brewerton Russ and I took a trip to see some Kevlar canoes at Slipstream Watercraft. We'd seen them at the boat museum in Clayton, and were amazed by their weight (which is just over 9 pounds). After a test drive Russ selected one, but we couldn't take it back with us at that time. So we organized to give them a call when we got in the area. They met us here. I'll post pics once we have her in the water for her maiden voyage. I'm thinking of calling her minQuest.

Can you say "too much food?"
After we got our Wee Lassie (that's the name of the craft) we ate at the Italian place just across the street, Russo's. Awesome food, which is good, since we'll eat the rest of it over the next three days.

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