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Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Brewerton to Lock 21, wall

After nearly two weeks of some work and relaxation it was time to think about moving on. Our buddy boat was still getting their engines in order. With luck they'd be underway in a few days. But it might be more. We decided we'd putter along, not going particularly fast, and hope they catch up to us in a week or so. Fingers crossed.

Quiet trip across Lake Oneida
Very calm winds today, and warmer temps, all a false lure as rain and cool comes tonight. We eased out of the slip and had no issues all day. We didn't even get waked.

To get to the wall above Lock 21 we had to go through it and Lock 22. Another boat joined us for those, and locking went smoothly.

We asked the lockmaster where he wanted us if we stayed the night. He said on the left would be best. However, that wall was slightly shorter than us, so we're sticking out. For most traffic that traverses the canal this won't be an issue -- getting by us will be easy. A tow, on the other hand...

The red marks the channel. So, um, yeah,
I think we're in it.
So we're hoping "no tows" until 5 pm when the lock closes. Then we can take our eye off the AIS and chill.

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