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Friday, September 22, 2023

Kingston to Croton, marina

Tropical Cyclone 16 (yet to be named) is going to wreak some havoc for us over the weekend. As a result, we asked if we could stay on the dock at the museum during that time. But, no... we could stay tonight, but there's a cruise ship coming Saturday. Rather than leave Saturday -- in wind and rain and whatnot -- we decided to toss our lines and head out today.

The two options below are Poughkeepsie (which I love to say) and Croton-on-the-Hudson (seriously, it sounds like we're in England, but that's the name). Both are on the east side so should be sheltered from the east winds we're expecting. But Croton has a really nice anchorage nearby. When we've gotten through the bluster, and we're still waiting for a decent weather window to make the crossing, staying there will be handy.

Also, Croton is a bit closer to New York. We plan on taking the train into the city a day or two, so that trip will be shorter.

Dawn at the boat museum
But the travel day was longer than we'd hoped, largely since we left later thinking we would stay another night. I'm a fan of getting in around 2 or earlier so we can get settled (that's code for "take a nap"). These next travel days aren't going to be those at all; lots of long stretches of open water ahead from here to Baltimore.

Ophelia. They named the storm Ophelia.

We were past by this ship twice, once just near where we joined
the Hudson, but then he had a pilot board, and we passed him. 
Now he's passed us again. They're big, but they are not slow.

This section of the Hudson is gorgeous.

Too bad it wasn't sunny, you could see the trees which are starting to turn.

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