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Thursday, July 2, 2020


The weather looked perfect for travel today. No rain or storms were predicted. The trip to Solomons was longer though, so we didn't dawdle. Another up early and out... just in case.

When we hit the Chesapeake again the breeze (couldn't really call it a wind since it was around 5 knots) was coming from the north. For a few hours in the morning that gave us 1 foot chop on the nose. Not bad, but bouncy. Then things got smooth for a few hours. We took that opportunity to do our "Jumpy Things" which is what we call our HIIT Tabata routines. Tryin' to stay in shape!

The last couple of days have been very nature-centric. Yesterday, we noticed patches of activity in the water. Turned out they were clusters of fish schools, all over the bay.
That dark spot is a school of fish.
We saw tens of these throughout the day.

Today it was rays. We think they are cownose rays, and they were everywhere, largely hanging out at the surface. As we went by them they'd stare at us passing. Kinda funny.

Cownose Rays. We heard they travel in "fevers."

The only adventure of the day happened in the very last hour of travel, when a massive power boat raced by us at 19 knots, and we rocked like wild. Bozo.

Traveled across the mouth of the Potomac.
This lighthouse marks the port-side
when entering.
Of course as we starting calling marinas up ahead it became clear that, Covid be damned, folks were gonna to out an do the 4th of July thing. Meaning, all the marinas were full for the weekend. Thankfully, Solomons has room for us. Poor planning on our part, but this is a good place to spend some time.

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