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Sunday, July 19, 2020


The last time we anchored out things were great, and we started to feel good about the boat. This time, not so much. In our morning routine Russ makes us coffee. In addition to the AC being an issue it looks like the inverter is a problem. While Russ grinds the beans by hand (it's a thing, don't ask me why), he boils water with an electric kettle and heats our soy milk in the microwave, both of which are power intensive appliances. When he turned the kettle on the power on the boat went out. This indicates that, while the batteries claim to have all sorts of power, they really don't. Thankfully, we're on our way to the electric guys.

Despite the warmth we got a good nights sleep. We woke to fog, which is not something I associate with hot conditions. We also woke with an excessive heat warning. Originally we planned on staying here 2 nights before going to Cambridge. But with the electrical weirdness and the lack of AC we're not in the mood. We headed to Cambridge.

Woke to this. And it's in the high 70s.
The trip was short, just about an hour. The anchor came up with no issues and we docked with no issues.  I like days like that. We were tied to the pier by 9:30. Already it was hot and majorly humid (recall the fog).

But with the dockside power we're cool as a cucumber inside. Thank goodness.

Without the aid of binoculars, the anchorage last night was so dark we could easily see the comet with our own eyes. That was very cool.

Calm on the way to Cambridge.

Pulling into the cute town.

Did I mention it was a cute town?

Not as dramatic as those on the internet but, hey,
it was taken with a cell phone!

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