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Sunday, July 12, 2020

Hanging out for a week

Fay. Looks like it
was going to slam us.
Got nothin'.
I've never been to Baltimore prior to this visit, and I gotta say I am really impressed. Our marina is between two areas of Baltimore that have make great strides in revitalization, Fells Point and Canton. Right across the street is a Safeway, Ace Hardware, and my personal favorite, Original Pancake House (been there twice already -- hey, no judging!). Just down the road a bit is a West Marine (every boaters favorite store), and beyond that a large shopping complex with the usuals: Target, PetCo, Ulta, and other big box stores.

But more importantly is that both Fells Point and Canton have wonderful little neighborhoods, with nifty row houses (all new, some restored), restaurants, and pubs. We stumbled onto an Indian restaurant which was one of the best we've had in years (since living in Sunnyvale). Today we took a walk to Fells Point and saw amazing restaurants we want to try while here. Assuming everything doesn't shut down in the next week or so.

Good morning, Baltimore
We're continuing to repair the boat, mostly the water tank. Russ filled and drained it a number of times. He even used it for the first time today, taking a shower with that tank's water. He has an incredibly sensitive nose, so if there's even one molecule of diesel left in it, he'd know. His only complaint was that the Baltimore city water isn't as good as other cities we've been in recently. It has that "bug spray" smell.

Standard OPH order. 49er Flapjacks!
Also we're still tinkering with our electronics. We have never been happy with the little panels that are supposed to give us engine status. They have always read the battery and oil levels incorrectly. After contacting the manufacturer he wanted to reset them, a task requiring them to be in his hands. In the interim he sent us a single panel that would work. We've had a 60-cycle hum for a while, nothing major, but the new panel made it very obvious. Russ spent a bunch of time this week trying to track that down. He thinks he fixed it, but we need a ride to know.

... and goodnight!
We tried for the last 2 nights to see the comet, Neowise. This morning was pristine but we still didn't see it. Someone posted a picture of it they'd taken in Annapolis this very morning. Turns out we weren't getting up early enough. I'm gonna try again tomorrow. Up at 4 am!

To shake out our systems, and just enjoy what we can of the bay, we're taking a trip to Rockhall for an overnight, then back again. Later in the week we'll go to Cambridge. There's a well-known electronics place there and we made an appointment weeks ago. With any luck, though, we might just cancel that. One of our favorite towns is near it, Oxford (I know, right?!) so I'm looking forward to stopping there.

Russ working on the new water line (he replaced the
old one, just in case). He's laying on the engine.

The Litter Bug. This sits at the mouth a tributary and gobbles 
up all the litter before it gets into the river. It's solar powered
and only runs when the tide is going out. Very clever.

Daaaaaaw, it's so cute!

Ducks have made a swim platform off the back of this boat.

Our neighbors across the river.

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