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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Electrical Update, Mid-Shore Electronic

inQuest is on the right, at Mid-Shore
Ever have a problem that you wished were just a matter of flipping a switch to fix? Well, guess what. We did!

The Mid-Shore Electronics (MSE for short) technician that walked the boat with Russ discovered a hidden breaker switch on the generator. Once flipped, and viola -- power! We can run the AC on anchor, and cook and whatever. So, yay!!! Love quick fixes. 

As for some of the other tasks they involve various Maretron parts, and while the Maretron website says MSE are dealers, MSE doesn't seem to think so. We'll get those done at another time, meaning Russ will do it himself. MSE is going to layout a new panel for the helm to give us a little more space, and move our compass to give us more accurate readings. The latter hasn't been an issue since all the tablet we have also have GPS location, but it's been a nit. At times it's off by 30 degrees.


After. We move the depth gauge up next to the Garmin
(because we could never easily read it with the tablet)
and the power switches closer to the steering wheel.

We'll spend another day here and head back Wednesday to Baltimore.

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