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Monday, July 1, 2024

Jamestown to Bristol, anchor

We had a great visit in Newport, even though it was a 20 minute dinghy ride to get there. We met up with other boater friends we know, Jamie and Trish of No Rush. We all got together Saturday for lunch followed by an escape room -- their first! Then Sunday night we did a fancy dinner at The Dining Room at the Vanderbilt. They're headed up the Maine this year, so I expect we'll catch up with them again before the end of summer.

Our buddy boat wanted to head out around 8:30 today which got them some travel before they had to start work. We, on the other hand, thought we'd hang out a bit. But by 7 am, after being rocked by a steady north wind and a parade of tows and ships banging down the channel and waking us like crazy, I was ready to go. 

The plan was to get to what looked like a night protected anchorage called Potter Cove. inQuest still needed a pump out. After some research Russ found that Bristol, a small town near Potter Cove, had one. While underway we called -- yep, they did, and yes, they were working. So we headed that-a-way.

Excellent escape room, DaVinci themed.
Meanwhile, David realized that all the comments about the anchorage said it was now full of balls and transients were no longer welcome. As they passed by they confirmed it looked too full to be useful to us. They noted an anchorage in Bristol and that's where we decided to spend the night.

It's in a No Wake zone, so not as choppy as Jamestown. Moreover, with a north wind, it's fairly protected.

Tomorrow the winds switch to the south. We plan on moving to the other side of the peninsula just for that.

We had the BEST score ever in the room so far, beating the
old record by nearly 5 minutes. Yay for us!

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