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Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Bristol to Bristol (Kickemuit), anchor

We took a small 1 hour ride to the back side of the peninsula to a secluded and protected little cove. We plan on staying here until the 4th. Good call too -- lots of room, very protected, calm waters. With the exception of little fisher boats, no waking.

Given there's not much to say (thankfully, no excitement) here's some vids I've shot over the last few weeks.

While on the hook during a windy day I saw this person enjoying
the weather. Good thing someone is!

What do we do when anchored? Recently, we've added exercise to 
our daily routine. THIS specifically. We have VR headsets
and do workouts with Supernatural. Here's a little sample.
It gets our heartrate up, makes us sweat, and is SO much fun.

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