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Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Still hangin' in Baltimore

The weather system is moving extremely slowly, but southward. In theory we could head out today, but we made a reservation for a week. We love the place.

What do you do in Baltimore? Well... stuff.

Visit the Ministry of Brewery for example.

The brewery was once a catholic church.

Most of the elements are still there, including 
pew as benches to social on.

And the selection was outstanding.

Or work on a project. I'm hoping we never have to use this but we're creating a scramble net. This is something we deploy off the side of the boat that helps a MOB (man over board) get back on the boat. If we get to warm water (probably not anytime soon) we're going to put it through its paces.

The idea is pull the black tabs to unfurl the net.
This is version 1.0. Others may follow.

Or, do a jigsaw puzzle! We got this for Christmas. It's wooden, so the pieces are laser cut and come in whimsical shapes.

What a mess!

Starting to come together...

Viola! Just that last piece in the top left corner.

Russ is also working on changing the storage access under our bed. We were motivated to try this after seeing Highwind did (Hannah and David De Regt -- they have the best ideas!). We will get just a little more storage space as a result. 

Russ braced the platform so it no longer bent
and added hinges in the back.

Next we'll install lifts to help raise it.

Lastly, to celebrate so much accomplishments, we had Indian food at the Himalayan Spice restaurant. They were awesome 2 years ago. They are awesome now.

I can never remember to take the pics before we eat.
But we had onion pakoras, chana marsala, paneer
tandoori, and naan.

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