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Friday, May 6, 2022

Annapolis to Baltimore, slip

We really like this area. Annapolis has nice neighborhoods and eateries. Baltimore did a great job of cleaning up (read that as "gentrifying") the waterfront. Both places have lots of history and lots to do.

That is why we spent a couple of days in Annapolis on the ball, and why we're spending a week here in Baltimore. Well, weather may have something to do with it, too.

A mega-super-soaker is coming this evening, bringing gale warnings and small craft advisories. This morning, before any of that could get started, we were up and off the ball. We got through the one and only bridge by 7 am. The total trip time was about 3 hours. We snugged into our slip by 10 am.

As predicted the rain started right upon arrival. Russ got soaked getting the boat secured. The storm will be around for a couple of days but after we should have some decent "out and about" weather to enjoy.

Taking a toodle around Spa Creek.
Checking out the mooring options.

A couple of Annapolis streets.

So very Hometown, USA-ish.

Each road has a dinghy dock at the end.

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