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Sunday, May 1, 2022

Hampton to Deltaville to Sandy Point, anchor

Morning ...
We'd been watching the weather for days now trying to time this next bit on the Chesapeake. The bay is largest in the south, so more opportunity for weather to be an issue. Additionally, the weather has been very odd. Windy through the night and calming in the afternoon, which is the opposite of how it normally works.

Tucked in the little Hampton Bay where things were calm we decided to head out around 8 am. By 9 we were on the bay, and it wasn't the best ride. Very lumpy. And confused, which meant that there was no way to make the ride smooth; no matter where we turned the water was on our bow, and we don't ride that well. When it was best it was 1-2 foot chop, and at it's worst 2 with occasional 3.

... and evening.
We set our destination to an anchorage up the Indian Creek. But the ride was uncomfortable enough that we bailed early, going to Deltaville and cutting our travel time by about an hour.

Looking ahead we thought we might be at that anchorage for a few days. The wind predictions, which didn't seem too bad a few days ago, now looked less than fun. Once anchored we had lunch and took naps. We both got another Covid booster a couple of days ago, which knocked me out yesterday, including the nights sleep to today. I needed the sleep. 

After naps Russ checked a number of weather apps. They said "go now!" Russ even pinged a looper out on the bay to ask how the conditions were (we do love Nebo!). They replied, "Flat and calm." So, around 4 pm, we hoisted the anchor and set out to get another 3 hours in, heading to Sandy Point. On the Wicomico! Heck, that's fun to say.

This is from both the morning and the evening, just to give
you and idea of what was like and don't like.
Otherwise stated: More of this, less of that!

Nice sunset at the end of the long day.
We want to get to Solomons to wait out the next few days. That was a 7 hour trip from Deltaville. Now it will be a 5 hour one. The only big river left to cross to get there is the Potomac. We'll make that call in the morning.

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