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Monday, May 2, 2022

Solomons to Oxford, anchor

Originally we thought we'd stay in Solomons for a while. We just decided to move on. Had a great meal, mingled with the locals a bit, we even donated a burgee to their collection (and got one of theirs in return!). Moreover, the weather changed (again) and today seemed better than tomorrow. So, we up and left.

We left early again. Frankly, it's what we do. We like getting going, then settling down early and taking naps. That's a big thing for us about boating -- naps.

There was a lot of traffic on our route today. We even had a massive container ship come up the channel at 15 knots, racing us as we intended on crossing the bay. Rather than put the spurs to her we throttled down and waited, then crossed behind the massive vessel. (You can see the dark spot on our map to show where). Her bow wake was formidable; we hadn't fully secured one of the fridges so it opened and spilled some food stuffs -- a plastic container fell victim.

Yep, get out of that guys way!
We got in early, around 10:30. We'd been to Oxford on the loop and just thought the place was darling. Today, however, most everything is closed. We'll wait until Tuesday to go to shore and visit.

Gray skies but look at that water!

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