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Sunday, May 15, 2022

Extended the stay

Cool old fashioned sail boat in front of
two navy cruisers.
We're here for another week, hoping to leave around Friday. Weather, of course.

Ahead of us is one more protected day of travel where we really don't care what the weather is like. But after that, it's wide open spaces for days. So we're looking for 3 nice days to travel, 1 to get down the Delaware, and 2 to get up to New York. Still no sign of that happening. Moreover, marinas and anchorages dwindle in these areas, so it isn't an option to just "wait it out."

Took a bike ride to Fort McHenry

Examples of the cannons used to defend the fort
during the War of 1812. Russ for size.

The flag at the fort remains in the same period as
when the battle occurred in 1814. It has
15 stars and 15 stripes. That siege is recounted
in the song "The Star-Spangled Banner."
You may have heard of it.

From there we took a bike ride to Nick's.
They have amazing fish 'n' chips.
When we did the loop we went down the Delaware to Cape May and stayed there a couple of days. I'd like to do that again. Adorable town. But it looked like we'd be stuck there for 10 days, and I'd rather be stuck here in a bustling metropolis.

Once you leave Cape May you're on the Atlantic. We really want those travel days to be excellent. There's a great anchorage in Atlantic City, then it's a long run to NY. 

In conclusion we're hanging out in Baltimore for another week, hoping this crazy, windy Spring finally moves on.

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