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Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Oxford to Annapolis, mooring ball

Not only was Robert Morris Inn restaurant closed Monday but it was closed Tuesday as well. However, they were open for breakfast every day. This morning, before we headed out, we went. We took the tender to the public dock at the end of Market Street and walked 10 minutes to inn. Russ had the eggs benedict which is made with massive lump crab (so wonderful!) and I had the malted barley blueberry pancakes. Also wonderful!

Back on the boat we hoisted the anchor and headed out. Our Navionics told us it was a 3 1/2 hour trip to Annapolis. Once we got underway we realized its treachery, taking us through a cut and out behind some islands. We took the longer way around, ensuring depth and no disaster.

Yeah. We didn't do that.
While not the prettiest day the wind and water were dandy. 

We'd been here before, staying on the balls in the bay. It was rocky and noisy. Folks had recommended going beyond bridge to the quiet ones, however you have to get beyond the bridge. It only opens on the hour and half hour. We stood station for 20 minutes for the next opening, then wandered around checking out the locations of balls available. While not ideal we had a lovely little cruise up and down Spa Creek and its darling homes.

We ate in a "snug". 
This place has been around since the early 1700s.
We'll be here for a couple of nights since tomorrow isn't looking great. Friday, if the weather holds, we'll make a dash to Baltimore.

10 freighters and container ships waiting for something to do.

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