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Friday, March 4, 2022

We're on the fuel dock!

Been doing some sewing. 
New covers for the bed pillows.
We left our slip at 4:30 this after noon. The plan is to fuel up, pump out, and be off at first light in the morning. The weather looks just stunning for the next week, so we're trying to get a decent start to traveling. With any luck we'll be in the keys come Monday.

The condo is empty after 10 days of hard work. If the place closes when it's supposed to, we'll be homeless around St. Patrick's Day. Which is exactly what we want.

I made these duffels for the scooters.
We're hoping they do better than those we buy.
Another reason for the early up and out is, well, the fabulous weather. On a weekend. Which means everyone and their brother with a boat will be out. If we got outside we should be able to avoid a good chuck of them. The channels on the ICW can get clogged. So it's the gulf for us.

PS. You may have noticed the price of fuel has gone up. Yeah. We pay those diesel prices too... and our tanks hold about 300 gallons. Each. Yep. Gonna be a lot of anchoring out...

Pretty flowers on Longboat Key

PPS. NEVER MIND. The weather has totally changed on us. We'll head south, but we're going to hunker down for a while, or putter our way down the ICW, lots of short days until the weather breaks. Seriously, this changed in 4 hours time.

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