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Sunday, March 27, 2022

Clewiston, marina... of sorts

We've been here before a number of times. It's the stop you make after crossing Lake Okeechobee heading west, or the place you stay before you make the crossing heading east. For us it is the latter.

The sleepy town of Clewiston, home of the Roland Martin Marina Resort (not to be confused with Rowan and Martin, which I often do), has become another winter haven for snowbirds. Surrounding the pier we're tied on are condos and apartments, hotels, and RV parks. Next to us is the tiki bar, which is a biker destination on sunny warm Sundays like today. As these types of places go, the food is good. We had fish & chips and blackened fish tacos for a late lunch. 

inQuest on the left, tiki bar on the right.
They're expecting 7 more boats by tomorrow.
The trip here was short, just under 2 hours. Other than a railroad bridge and lock we had to get through right off the Moore Haven town wall the only somewhat tricky maneuver was a hard right turn into the marina. When the lake water is high you have to go through a lock. But today we just came right in.

Good news from St. Lucie Lock, the one we and everyone else is waiting for: they are ahead of schedule and will open Tuesday instead of Thursday. That's great news for us. We'll stay here the 2 days we planned then cross the lake Tuesday. We probably won't get to and through the St. Lucie Lock until Wednesday, but that's fine with us. 

You get to see a little of the channel here, which isn't exciting. But to dock, we have to spin around and go in backwards. Keep in mind, we have no thrusters. That's all done with engines.

We expect a back up of boats there, queueing up to get through. But we've gone through all the locks thus far by ourselves. So we're due for a wait.

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