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Thursday, March 17, 2022

LaBelle to River Forest, boat yard

It took about 1 hour of trawling and 1 lock to get to River Forest. We weren't hauling out until Thursday morning, so they docked us on a floating pier for the afternoon and night. The most exciting thing about the day is the narrow little channel you traverse to get into the place. The wind was up and on our stern. It always adds a little spiciness to the tiny journey.

The next day we got hauled out around 8:30 am. The props were more than a little fouled. Clearly they were the issue with our performance. All and all, a good all to just get the boat hauled -- if we needed speed we would never had gotten it without overheating the engines. She'll get sanded, painted, and detailed from the deck down. We're also raising her water line (the black part) by a couple of inches to help keep her clean.

Getting hauled out

Worms on the left prop and top of rudder ...

... and same on the right.
We think the bottoms of the rudders got cleaned
a bit while we were underway.

Hmmmm... wonder where the straps were
when they painted the last time!

After all was planned we got a taxi to Fort Myers where we rented a car. It's going to take about a week for the boat to get done, so we'll take a small vacation. Up to The Villages to visit my folks, then down to Miami for a little Spring Break action. Woo!

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