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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Ft. Myers

We left much sooner than 9:55, but
Nebo didn't catch that for some reason. 
In the past we've stayed on Ft. Myers Beach, which is an island on the gulf. We were there twice in 2018, once to meet the "anchor" people, Jill and Rudy, and then on our way back from Naples just after Christmas. 

Ft. Myers itself is a longer hoof up the Caloosahatchee River. We stopped here once when we did our very first multi-day voyage with Captain Randy just to get some provisions, but we didn't stay. We're parked at Legacy Harbor Marina, which our looper friends all liked. So far, we do too.

When we left in the morning everything was extremely calm. Since Russ had been wanting to do some of the real piloting (locking and docking) he took inQuest out and I did lines. He was better at piloting that I was at handling ropes. We got out just fine.

Dolphins love this boat too! They were out in numbers,
with high jumps and lots of play
It was a longer voyage since it took 2 hours to get from Punta Gorda to the ICW, then it's about an hour's ride up the river. Moreover, inQuest doesn't seem to get quite the speed at the same engine RPMs we saw on Cat-n-Dogs. It is a heavier boat, so that might be the reason. Could also be the tides, which we're still getting used to.

We had reservations for 2 night, but it might be longer. Firstly, we're need to wait for some deliveries (side story -- we noticed several appliances misbehaving when we were off shore power so we're replacing our inverter. Apparently, the current one is a synthetic sine wave instead of a pure sine wave, and I'm sure that makes sense to some of my readers but not necessarily me). Of course waiting that one extra day puts us into very bad weather again, so we may be here a week.

Breakfast this morning at the famed Bennett's Fresh Roast.
Too bad we're not fans of Joe's. We got great parking.
After a quick swap of emails with our buddy boat we think we'll go to Naples from here, then onto Marco Island. That is all best to do in wonderful weather.

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