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Thursday, February 27, 2020

Random Pics while "on the hard"

The bottom job is taking longer than we hoped -- 5 days instead of 3. So we rented a car and did some shopping and errands. We'll be underway tomorrow, with any luck.

inQuest being hauled out for painting.

See the white bits? Those are a hard shelled worm, 
a blight in these waters. They can foul props and rudders. 
They will be dealt with!

Meanwhile, there are crab legs to eat!
This is from 400 Beach (the address is the name) in St. Pete.
Best Caesar salad, best grouper reuben, and OMG best crab legs.

Hanging out in the hotel. Note the ad-libbed "crate" that a pug
has made under the chair.

Ate breakfast at the Toasted Mango, which was really good.
Behind us sat a group of Amish folks. I don't know Amish rules,
but are they allowed to do that??!!

Remember 400 Beach? Had a beer there that was amazing. Did
some research and found their brewery in Cape Coral. 
Big Storm is the place, and their collection of brews were some 
of the best we've ever had.

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