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Sunday, February 23, 2020

River Forest, Labelle

Russ started the day with a bunch of electrical tests, trying to determine where a particular high-pitched hum was coming from. He adjusted a few things, then we were on our way to River Forest. It's not fixed but he's got a theory. He told me, but I'm gonna just trust he knows things.

This is a pretty calm section of the ICW, and will remain so for a while. The exciting parts to look forward to are crossing Okeechobee, which you want to do on calm days since that lake can get, as the mariners say, "snotty," as well as the traffic picking up once we get to the east side. 

Cows on the bank. Okay, not as cute as dolphins...
But for now, we're docked at a work yard. Tomorrow inQuest will get hauled out and her bottom painted, a process we believe will take 3 days. We'll rent a car and go "do stuff" during that time.

Russ parked us. I did the lines. The wind was coming stiffly from the east, which wasn't any issue other than slowing us down while in the channel. Even though River Forest is considered a "hurricane hole" the wind affected the boat. Russ did great, lining her up along where we wanted to dock, then he waited until the wind gently pushed her up against the wall. I fumbled with lines -- not a job I'm good at -- but since the wind had the boat pinned, all I had to do really was make sure we had fenders out.

Had lunch at the Ortona Tavern.
Meh food, but wonderful patio.
We also went through another lock today, Ortona, with 2 other boats. Kinda like old times...

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