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Saturday, February 22, 2020

WP Franklin Park

We were supposed to be underway yesterday, but early in the morning a big front came through, dropping temps by nearly 25 degrees (goodbye, 80s) and bringing lots of bluster -- steady winds in the upper teens, gusts mid to high 20s. Given our location at Legacy we could have left. However. The marina staff parked a boat behind us, and those guys weren't planning on leaving until today. While we thought hard about squeezing by, on a calm day we would have done it. But on a windy one? We decided to spent another day. Besides, it was dreary and cold and windy. Good day to stay indoors.

While I wanted to try threading that needle
I didn't want to on a windy day.
The folks behind us left early, right around 8 am. So we did the same. Still a bit breezy, but better than the day before. Also sunny, and while the day started at a nippy 47 degrees, it promised to warm up to the 70s.

The trip was uneventful except (more "new boat blues") a new and very faint beep was heard all day. Also, our autopilot kept turning off. I swear this boat is weird.

We're being followed by a flock of seagulls.
"And I ran, I ran so far away!"
Anyway, The WP Franklin park/campground/dock is right across from the Franklin Lock, which we had to go through to get here. It was the first lock we'd done since the Tenn-Tom. There are several along the ICW as you got across Florida but they're all pretty small. Due to a low tide this was raised us a whopping 4 feet. Woo!

Our timing couldn't have been better. The breeze started to come up as we were docking but we managed without any drama or incident. Within an hour, however, the gusts were substantial. Woo!
Nestled in our little slip at the campground.

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