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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Back to Fort Myers

After weighing anchor around 8 am this morning we headed back to Fort Myers. It's pretty convenient for restocking (which we need to do), laundry (which we need to do), and since we got our old parking spot, walking dogs. And there's a bunch of restaurants nearby.

Judging by the number of boaters on the water today you'd think it was a weekend. It was stuffed! At times we could see tens (!) of boats in the distance heading our way on the narrow and sometimes shallow channel. And we were waked by them all. I take heart that I probably waked them back, but somehow I'm sure it wasn't a fair trade.

Lovely sunrise
En route today we saw a variety of wildlife. Firstly, while taking the dogs to land one last time by dinghy we spied a manatee. Didn't see it perfectly, but got a glimpse when he surfaced for air. Very big, and very much not a dolphin. Speaking of dolphins we saw quite a few today. And yet another sea turtle. Again no proof -- wily little devils.

While underway Russ decided that we really needed to get our bottom painted now. So he called River Forest in Labelle to make arrangements. They can get to us on Monday. We have reservations for Friday and Saturday night on one of the town walls, making it easy to get to the yard on Sunday and be ready for them to haul us out of the water Monday. Odds are that will take three days, so we'll be looking for a hotel or two.

Been toasty for a while now, in the upper 70s to lower 80s. Perfect, really. We'll be getting a little cold front over the weekend. Good thing we haven't put away the warm clothes yet.

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