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Friday, January 31, 2020

Punta Gorda

Funny story. Cat-n-Dogs bore the city name Punta Gorda as it's home port since we left on the loop. But she had never been there. And with the exception of a one hour visit to the broker we bought her from, neither were we. It was a clerical error, and easier to fix by changing the vinyl on the boat than the paperwork! Meanwhile, Martha and John of As You Wish were here about a month ago and just fell in love with the place. We were doubly motivated to stop by.

We left Tween marina in a pea soup of a fog which burned off within an hour. We were able to use our new Doppler radar, which was perfect. Made getting around in the fog a bit more comfortable.

The ride here was 4 hours, so not a long day. Moreover, it was pretty uneventful. Calm waters, calm wind, and inQuest hummed right along. Not as many issues as yesterday.

We're here through the weekend, largely to do weather. Big rains Saturday, big winds on Sunday. On Monday we plan on heading south again to get to Fort Myers.
Can you see him? Dolphins love this boat, too!

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