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Monday, January 13, 2020

Getting ready... getting antsy!

What's required to put in solar panels.
We live in chaos now.
The hardest part about the "new boat" thing is that the old boat had been brought up to our travel standards. Now we're working to do the same with inQuest. This means lots of calls, lots of meetings, lots of scheduling, and, most of all, lots of work. And work ain't fun. We clean, fix, shop, return those things we really didn't need -- everything but actually boat anywhere.

inQuest needed a bit of upgrading. While she was in amazing condition (genuinely loved by her previous owner) she wasn't exactly used. She didn't even have radar, for heaven sake! The longest trip she had was to Boca Grande. We went there in Cat-n-Dogs last Christmas on our way to Naples. That isn't far. Heck, we intend on taking her up to the Chesapeake this summer. 

This is Bob. He's the O-dock mascot.
Bob's a Blue Heron, stands about 3 feet tall.
I'm not one to like to travel, but there's something about boating that's different. I miss the camaraderie of it. I miss using binoculars to identify the yellow and orange kayaks on the bow of our buddy boat. I miss docktails. I miss searching Nebo for the location of any loopers. I miss blogging about what adventures we'd had. Heck, I even miss anchoring out.

We're hoping to be ready to go the end of January, no later than early February. How we get to the east coast of Florida is still up in the air. We may take the long way, exploring the keys as we traverse around the peninsula. Or the short way, but cutting across Lake Okeechobee. We have no solid plan yet.

Stunning sunrises. Not filtered, I swear.
On the other hand, the digs here are pretty great. We've had decent weather (except for wind, which has been crazy strong), and all the facilities are wonderful. I started doing yoga again at the fitness club, something I sorely needed. But largely, while surrounded by cute towns and eateries we'd love to explore, we just don't have much time. There's always another meeting... or chore... or repair...

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