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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Atlantic City to Seaside, anchor

Unlike yesterday, this was a relaxing day. Which we welcomed. Two days of drama and intensity -- what with engines failing one day then twisty, skinny channel tracking the next -- we needed a break.

We definitely had shallow waters, some around 2 feet beneath our keel, but the track was straight and wide. That makes a difference in your mindset. With a twisting channel you wonder if you'd have more depth just 4 feet to the right, but an open wide channel is, "Yep, this is what it is. Just go slow."

High Tide behind us. This gives you an idea
of our dreary day.
We've never been up the Barnegut Bay before. Sadly, it was very overcast, with mist on the horizon. I'm sure this would have been a pretty ride, but we saw nothing but the choppy water. Once we got anchored the skies got bluer.

This is the typical Navionics view. The track, 
which is usually magenta, is black and red.
As far as I can tell that's Navionics way of saying
"You are going to die if you do this!"
Now we're looking ahead. The plan had been to get to Manasquan tomorrow, then run to NYC Friday morning. But things might be moving quicker, meaning the nice weather window will be here sooner. Our plan now is the leave here around 8 am, and do a quick check when we get to Manasquan. If the winds have indeed quelled sooner, we'll run to NYC in the afternoon.

I'm hoping that will work out. It would be nice to get this bit of planning, fretting, and drama behind us.

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