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Thursday, May 18, 2023

Waiting for weather in Baltimore

Morning in the marina
Now that we're ready to go the weather isn't cooperating. What's worse is that we use a variety of weather apps and information to make plans. Of late, these aren't agreeing much, which fills us will less confidence to travel.

So. We wait.

A while ago Russ sent me this. Same time, same day, 2 very different predictions.

But Baltimore! It's so odd I like this town so much. No one talks about how great Baltimore is. Sure, you hear about Chicago and New York and San Francisco, but we really enjoy this town. Good food, good for walks, good for scooters (which we use to get around quickly). If we gotta be somewhere for a while, you could do worse!

High Wind is here. They've been here all winter!
Hannah and David are buckin' to get underway.

Remember that AC unit we took out? Funny story -- Russ put
the new Skylink in it's place. The company changed its
program for boaters, and with it the hardware. We're hoping
there won't be another one of these for a while.

On Sunday we took a tender ride around the fort to go to
lunch at Nick's. They have some of the best fish and chips.

Sunset through the neighbor's bimini.

April's month in review.

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