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Friday, May 12, 2023

Sandy Point -> Harness Creek -> Baltimore, marina

We left Sandy Point very early, knowing we'd have an 8 hour day ahead of us. While we just did an 8 hour day yesterday, the days seem much longer when you're ending around 5 or 6 in the evening. This way, we'll be ending around 3. That's just how my brain works -- seems shorter.

Like the previous day it started out slightly bumpy but smoothed nicely as the day went on. The journey was almost boring -- no winding, no twisting, no depth issues, and not a lot of boats on the water.

Quiet sunset at Sandy Point
Originally we planned on dropping anchor just inside the South River, below Annapolis. What winds were expected would come from the south, and we could tuck in just behind a small peninsula. As we were checking out the location, boats zipped up and down the South River, to and from the bay. Looked like it might be bouncy. We headed across the river up Harness Creek. We've anchored there before. Turned out to be the right call -- we had a calm and cool night.

As a result it was only a 4 hour ride to Baltimore. We got in around 11 am. No issues.

Harness Creek, nestled in between some trees.
Baltimore is one of our favorite places. We tend to use it as a launching point for heading north. Last year we spent 3 weeks here before the voyage to Maine. This year it will be about a week, depending on the weather. Then we'll head out.

Hope the rest of the trip is just like these last 3 days!

The only thing to do on the Chesapeake is watch out
for these guys. Large ships traverse the bay.

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