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Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Norfolk to Sandy Point, anchor

We're back at it! After almost 3 weeks off we got underway today. Russ was still waiting for a package to show up, which he'd been tracking for day with the USPS. Before he headed out he made once last attempt to get it from the post office. They didn't have it.

Of course, at some point during the day he got a delivery message. Go figure.

As a result, though, we didn't get our typical early start. The winds were up over the night, causing small craft advisories until 7 am, so the timing worked perfectly, regardless.

We didn't leave early but I got a great
dawn shot of Norfolk.
When we got onto the Chesapeake Bay we had a 1 - 2 foot chop. As the day went on that smoothed to nearly nothing. The ride was longer, but very pleasant to do.

We did the anchorage on our way up last year. Winds are supposed to climb tonight, coming from the south. This little protected bay should ensure a quiet night.

Seriously, you cannot ask for better water
on the Chesapeake.
Tomorrow we plan an earlier day to cross the Potomac. Hopefully, we'll get close to Annapolis by the late afternoon. We're jammin' up the bay, but when we come back we'll spend some time playing on it. It's a lovely boating destination.

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