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Friday, March 26, 2021

Tarpon Springs to Crystal River

Originally we wanted to do this trip yesterday, Thursday. But Wednesday night I really worried about the trip -- weather apps were predicting windy weather. And while it all would be on our stern -- one of the best ways we like our waves -- I just didn't feel good about it. So we waited a day.

The plan was engines on at 7 am. At 6:30 am we noticed how low the low tide was. Across the fairway we could see lots of mud. Next to us was a really long SeaRay whose nose stuck out 15 feet beyond the piling between us. To clear him and spin to turn out, I was going to need maneuvering space and not mud. As a result we waited for 90 minutes or so to let the tide creep back in before heading out. Getting out was tricky even with the added water, but we did just fine.

We hit the Gulf of Mexico around 9:30 am and turned northward. The seas were maybe a foot, and we trundled nicely as we cleared the last of the barrier islands. The further north we went -- and I can't stress my glee enough -- the better the water got. One footers turned to 6 inches, which turned to smooth. Throughout the day the water kept improving. THIS phenomena, I can tell you with confidence, I have never experienced before. But the day was fabulous.

Nice start to the day

But, wow, look at that water!

I was also pleasantly surprised that, while off the coast about 12 miles, for the most part we had cell service. I love that.

It was quite a nature day, too. We saw dolphins (we continue to be the envy for folks with dolphins; when other boats jamming by us notice our hitchhikers they slow down and point and take pictures), ospreys, a bald eagle (I couldn't snap a pic of him fast enough), and a loon. A LOON! We could tell by it's famed Katherine Hepburn-style warble. We haven't see one of those since Canada on the loop.

It's about a 90 minute ride off the gulf into Crystal River as you go up the (shockingly) Crystal River. We anchored without incident. Then Russ toted the pug off to land for a reprieve while I made dinner -- French Onion Ramen.

The breeze is lovely, the temp is ideal. I predict a hardy night's sleep.

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