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Sunday, March 14, 2021

Dunedin to Tarpon Springs

Ideally when you visit here you want to stay at the town docks. They are inexpensive and located in the center of town, amidst the sponge boats, tour boats, and a plethora of Greek dining establishments. Alas, it is not an ideal world and there was no space for us there. Or anywhere near the downtown area. So we're at a working marina where, as long as we're here, we'll get the boat hauled and check our bottom (see if our paint job is holding up), clean our running gear, and replace a through-hole with a better seacock.

Yep. On the water for 3 days and already got things to fix.

We plan on taking the rim route which traverses around the gulf instead of crossing it, like we did the last time. Everything should be working perfectly for that. Also, great weather would be nice, so we'll be waiting for the next blow to move through this coming week. With any luck we'll be underway by next weekend.

This pic doesn't do the view justice.
The sky was barely light, but that wisp was
brilliantly lit. Turns out it was from the launch.
Tarpon Springs in off the coast and down the Anclote River, and throughout the day, it was bustling. As we came in we got seriously knocked around by a really big, really fast boat. It through about a 6 foot wake. Even the dog slid around the floor. 

In fact, ever since we left LBK absolutely no one has hailed us for a slow pass. Well, okay, once. And, curiously, it was another power cat that wanted to pass us. I'm curious if this is due to the vast number of new boaters not knowing the protocol (boat sales skyrocketed from Covid last year), or if this is due to politics ("the world is ending since Trump didn't get elected, so screw you!"), or boaters who themselves have been rocked so much they're happy to wake you back. Whatever the answer, I'm curious how things will be as the year progresses.

A constant clog of boats, both in and out of TS

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  1. So glad you guys are back on the water and moving again. We look forward to more updates as this years trip progresses. Miss y'all!!