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Thursday, October 5, 2023

Sassafras to Baltimore, marina (THE END)

Given the extremely long (albeit wonderful) day yesterday we all slept in a bit then shared a pancake breakfast. After that we brought up the anchor and started the last 5 hours of the 2023 season.

There was a parade of boats heading south, as the Florida migration was in full swing. Since we were headed just across the bay we took a short cut through a not-used-much channel. By 2 pm Highwind was getting into their winter slip and we took up a fancy slip on the new B docks at Anchorage Marina.

Dawn on the Sassafras
We're here until mid-November, but the boat will be here all winter. This will be the first winter we won't be living aboard in the last 5 years. We're going to try out the snowbird life style without a boat and come back in the Spring for the 2024 season. Baltimore seems like a good launching place to do that. Fingers crossed!

Lots to do to winterize inQuest, which we've never done before. Good thing we're gonna be here a while.

David took this pic of us last evening as we finished up the long day

Safely docked in Baltimore

PS. Once we left Great Kills David single handed Highwind all the way the Baltimore. Yes, he piloted alone for the last 3 days, and they were very long days. THAT was an amazing feat! 

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