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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Great Kills to Atlantic City, anchor

This will be brief, as I'm whipped.

Everyone was up and out early since a long day was ahead of us, 10 hours of boating, us in the lead and Highwind behind us. Moreover, not the greatest water. Not bad, mind you, we couldn't call any of it "rough", but we had 3-4 foot swells in 8 second periods. That meant a lot of up and down, and side to side... sometimes all at the same time.

As the day went on the water got better, 2-3 foot swells and spaced out.

We weren't alone. Many people, like us, had been waiting for weeks to go, so even if it wasn't optimal this was the go day. The cooperative weather gave us tons of sun, and a cool 68 degrees. 

The first part of the trip was east, into the 
sunrise. It was very ow-y!
Russ and I always anchor here, but many folks have told us the casino marina was awesome. We all made requests with Dockwa. We all got denied. Can't say we're surprised. While this isn't looper season, there are hundreds of boats all headed south, and all waiting for this very window.

We dropped the hook, made some dinner, and now I'm eyeing my pillow.

Because we're going to to that all over again tomorrow, starting earlier... and going later. 

The lights o Atlantic City at sunset.

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