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Monday, October 2, 2023

Croton-On-Hudson to Great Kills, ball

Finally, after almost 2 weeks of waiting, there's a window on the horizon. A big one, too, which spans about 3 days. Perfect.

Highwind was on anchor near us and the night before we left we planned an early out, 7 am. Due to the number of boats they jammed into the marina (we weren't the only ones waiting) we were a little tight on our pier. As a result we ended up backing out of the marina entirely which was easier than trying to find an open spot to spin around.

In the start we had a nice current pulling out along but that quickly ended. At times we were going under 6 knots. Add to that the hectic boating adventure that is New York Harbor. Between dodging 25 knot ferries, and weaving around pesky sailboats that tack right at you, and all the churn on the water those vessels cause, it's never a calm and serene experience. Despite that, it's still jaw dropping to do that with towering sky scrapers around you.

Before you get to the city you pass the Palisades.
By the time we turned the corner to make the last hour run to Great Kills everything calmed.

We hung out Monday on Staten Island, watching the weather and texting with boaters we knew who braved the Atlantic. We will go tomorrow. If all goes well we'll be in Atlantic City by dinner. And have no harrowing tales to tell.


The Hudson River is quite lovely.

You see some bizarre things in NYC

Can you see the "hush" face? You may have to make this bigger.

Obligatory yet ever awe-inspiring pic of the statue

Mostly through it, look at the city behind us.

Dawn in Great Kills Harbor

September, from Brewerton to Great Kills

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