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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Atlantic City to Sassafras River, anchor

As planned we were all up and out early, early, early. We still had about 3 hours of Atlantic Ocean to cross before we turned up the Delaware Bay, then another 5 hours on it. But the tide was on our side all the way: We got pulled into the Delaware (11 knots around the cape), then followed the tide up to the C&D canal (around 10 knots). When we got to the top things slacked and started heading the other way, which perfectly gave us the outgoing tide on the canal (again, getting us around 11 knots).

Dawn in the Atlantic City inlet
In short, awesome ride -- awesome weather, awesome water, and very helpful tides. However, the day was long and we all arrived ready for a quick bite then some bed.

On the plus side, that long push means a nice and easy day tomorrow into Baltimore. We're sleeping in, and I'm planning on some pancakes.
The Atlantic...

... to Delaware Bay...

...to the Chesapeake Bay.

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