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Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Port Wash -> Port Jeff -> Mattituck, anchor

Two days of travel and we mostly crossed the whole Long Island. 

June 9

We did about 4-5 hours Jun 9 to get to Port Jefferson. A bit windy but it was on our stern. We also has an outgoing tide to pull us along nicely.

The ferry is coming into Port Jefferson.
It crosses the sound, connecting Port Jeff
with Bridgeport, CT. Hourly. Seems busy
all the time, too.
We've been to Port Jefferson before, a couple times now. The town is quite cute and full of touristy eateries and shops. The Farmer's Market was still going on when we arrive, so we all checked it out first thing. Then we scooted to an escape room and played not just 1 but 2 rooms of theirs. Both were the most difficult they had. We escaped both in time, but the 2nd with only 7 seconds to spare.

Then we all grilled various proteins on Highwind's stern and enjoyed a lovely evening.

We escaped! Twice!

June 10

Up and out early today, though only for a 3 hour trip. The Highwind crew needed to start work at 11 am, so we all wanted to be anchored long before then. Not an issue for Russ and I much as we get up early.

Windy, but sunny and clear. 
Made for a good ride, all in all.
Very windy morning, but it remained from the west so the ride swishy but not uncomfortable.

Once at the inlet, we needed to snake up the river to get to the official anchorage. This was a fairly narrow, quite twisty, and at times a very skinny route -- brought back all the memories of the ICW and why we no longer enjoy doing that for a month, each way.

For some reason we believed this anchorage was larger. Comments about it said "room enough for 50 boats." Maybe they meant Jet Skis. Or kayaks. Rafted together, our two vessels take up most the room we can see here.

Sunset in Mattituck

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