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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Mattituck to Old Saybrook, ball

Since we were rafted onto Highwind we needed to leave before them. It was quite calm when we woke, so we wasted no time to check engines and be on our way, right around 6 am. The winds prediction said today would be calm, so a good day to cross the sound to get to the north shore.

Calm inside the moorings. It doesn't read well
in the picture, but it's got little space to 
maneuver a vessel around in, say, getting to a ball.
Once we followed our track out of the twisty river (a little easier given a higher tide) we were met with rolling 1 footers on our quarter bow. As we crossed the sound the wind picked up, but we headed into it mostly. As a result, the closer we got to land the more calm the water became.

Highwind left after us, around 7:45. We received a text from them that once they hit the sound the water was 2-3 footers on their beam. I'm a total wimp on bad water -- so glad we left early.

This mooring field is crazy dense. They have tried to get as many balls in the area as they can. The current was really strong when we came in, nearly 2-3 knots against us. Add to that a very skinny depth (in places we had 2 feet beneath us), and that makes for an interesting mooring experience.

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