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Monday, January 8, 2024

Starting off the new year with a road trip

December 31m 2023. I arrived with a fever.
Sad way to end what was an amazing year.
Also starting of "not well". As in we're sick. Feeling better now, though.

Despite our ailment we were committed to taking this long driving trip back to the west coast to tie up a few things. Many years ago we RVed instead of boating. We've been boating for the last 5 years now, and all this time a trailer has been sitting in a storage lot in Antioch, of which we diligently paid monthly. This had to stop, and this seemed a perfect time to do that.

Barring getting sick, however.

Traveling west, after a Teladoc call and some drugs.
Feeling better.

Taking care to mask and social distance ourselves from the rest of humanity, we toodled across the country in 7 hours-or-less increments. Even sick this wasn't too bad. We stopped often to stretch our legs, eat a bit, and bunk down early for the night, getting into hotels by 3 pm, when we just could check-in.

We stayed at a Best Western in Antioch for the last 4 nights. Russ sold the trailer and we gave away a cargo carrier in that time. Now we're free to head back. We're hoping to dawdle a bit in this direction, but neither of us feel awesome yet. 

We traveled for days in Texas.

Stayed in the El Capitan in Van Horn. It's a historic place,
and was once a "destination" to the rich and famous. 

Next stop, Tucson, of just passed it.

Then onto California. This route had us miss Phoenix and its
traffic, and stay north of LA and the Grapevine.
We've done both enough to know to skip 'em.

Then NORTH! To the great city of Antioch.
We wanted so spend some time in San Francisco, 
but neither of us are well enough to. Walking was something
we loved to do there. Just not up for it this week.

Not a lot of pics since I haven't had the wherewithal to take them. As we head back, I will.

We spent a lot of time exploring the high deserts in this area.
This area being "California, Nevada, Arizona"... they all look a little like this.

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