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Sunday, December 3, 2023

What we've been up do thus far...

We arrived at our Orlando rental Nov 15. We have the condo for 6 weeks, departing on New Year's Eve. That will give us time to do a number of fun and unfun tasks.

Fun tasks include Thanksgiving:

(L to R) Gary, Tammy, me, Russ, David, Hannah, Dad, Mom, and Tess.

9 of us gathered around a single table at the Lakehouse buffet at the Lakehouse Resort. My brother (Gary's) youngest, Tess, joined us from Seattle. 

And Disney World... lots and lots of Disney World. They have 4 parks, and between family and friends over the holiday, we saw and did as much as we could, considering of course this was some of the busiest days for Disney.

Hollywood Studios, Batoo. You know, somewhere on Tatooine...

Animal Kingdom. Somewhere in Africa...

It was really cold one of the days. Bundled, we ate some waffles
in the Magic Kingdom

Animal Kingdom: Pandora. Home of the Na'vi. The detail they put into
some of these areas is just jaw-dropping.

Disney always had the parks filled with photographers. Back in the day, once taken,
you had to seek them out at some booth at some later time. No one liked that, so the
photographers were avoided. Nowadays, with Disney magic, you scan in your park
pass and all photos just show up. Now there are lines for photographs.

Epcot: Frozen ever after ride. A bit splashy but fun.

Epcot: Guardians of the Galaxy. Nope, not on this ride. Once I heard
the launch was backwards I hesitated. I'll screw up my courage
one of these days.

Everyone knows this one...

Magic Kingdom, the mining ride. One of my favorite
roller coaster rides. Russ and us and just ahead of 
Hannah and David.

Unfun task include medical stuff, like Russ getting his final dental implant finished and me getting some unwanted spots on my skin removed. Also, we're consolidating our 2 storage units into one. Like moving, and just as much fun.

Oo, wait... more Disney!

Bengal Tiger

A bat... a really, really big bat

Kimono Dragon

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