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Thursday, November 9, 2023

Last day on the boat

Admittedly, I won't miss this. Any project turns
the saloon into a garage. Notice you can't get to 
the bedrooms unless you jump the hole or 
climb the chair.
Last night was the last we'll spend in our own bed. Tonight we're off to a hotel. Once we get pumped out Russ will freeze-protect the commodes and tanks. So no using the heads after that. We'll finish winterizing the rest over the next couple of day. The plan is to be done by Saturday.

In the past we've owned a number of houses at the same time. We spent a LOT of time traveling between them so we could enjoy them and their locations (Las Vegas, San Francisco, New Orleans, all wonderful towns to be a tourist in). Whenever it was time to leave, I always has a hard time. I don't know why but leaving always brings me to tears.

Put away for the season.
So knowing that, imagine me now. We've been in 1 location (albeit a mobile one) for the last 5 years. Our 5 year anniversary of our first boat journey (taking Cat-n-Dogs from its seller's home to a marina) happened November 6. Since that day we've lived on a boat. With the exception of a weekend or holiday, we've slept on a boat. Now we're leaving for 3 or more months.

I cannot recall the last time I saw fall colors.
It will be fine once we're in the car and driving, which won't happen until Tuesday. Until then, Imma be a wreck. 

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