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Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Cruisin' California

The trailer...
With the trailer and the cargo carrier delt with, we started heading southward. Ideally we wanted to stop in San Francisco for a few days -- do a lot of walking, eat at some of our favorite places -- but we really didn't have the energy. Russ was mostly recovered, but I was still hacking and sneezing.

... and the cargo carrier we no longer own.

Not wanting to rush things on Tuesday we traveled just an hour south to Pleasant Hill, where we stayed at a hotel near Zachary's Pizza. This is one of my favorite pizza places, and it did NOT disappoint. 

The following day we went to San Jose, staying at a hotel in Sunnyvale, also one of the towns we lived in while in the bay area.

From Antioch to Pleasant Hill, and awesome pizza.

Then south to San Jose.

The next three days we took slow trips following the coast. The clouds had moved along, so the Pacific views were wonderful. Certainly living up to its name. 

Just south of Santa Barbara is Carpinteria, 
a quaint little town.

The hotel here was a lovely Spanish place.
The pic does no justice, but the hills in the back are stunning.

Skittering along the coast we headed for San Clemente.

Lovely sunset from our hotel room at Volare.
You can see the ocean.

South, taking slow roads through lots of beach towns,
we made our way to San Diego.

With a heat lamp we sat outside a nearby 
pub and had fish and chips. The stadium
(which you can see in the distance) was hosting
a rodeo this weekend.
Eventually we got to San Diego, where we stayed a couple of nights. Again, we wanted to walk a bit, or take the transit into old town. Still not up to either. At least we got some pretty views.

From San Diego we head east, starting our way back to Florida. Once we got to Gila Bend we'd completed the "west coast" loop. We won't take 10 all the way back, but from here on out it's all east.

You can't see it clearly, but that's the Costco gas station in the distance. The cars in front of me are
in line for it. That line started waaaaaay behind me.
At $4.19 a gallon, this is the cheapest fuel in all of 
San Diego.
Back in Tucson. Now that we're feeling better we're going
to see Russ's son, and eat at Rocco's, another awesome pizza place.
With Zachary's fresh in our minds, we're decide who is better!

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