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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Turkey Point to Lake Santa Barbara, anchor

We thought we'd put in a long day, but man. this was a looooooong day. I was beginning to think we would be cruising in the dark for hours before finding an anchorage. The channel, filled with homes for miles, made finding a place to anchor nearly impossible.

Last night, the water was so clear we made water. Up early we headed to Matheson Hammock Park, which had the best diesel price, $4.10. If we bought 500 gallons we'd get a discount. Our total: 497. Of course. We can hold 600 gallons, total -- we were getting low.

Note to self: If we ever go back to MHP, do not use the northern channel. We managed, but the depths were about a foot under the keel. Bit of a nail biter. 3 feet on the southern channel.

Last night's sunset
From the fuel dock we were immediately into Miami, and immediately had to open a bridge. These are usually time consuming, since the bridges only open at certain hours through out the day. After that one, however, we managed to get under all the bridges. Basically we got through Miami without any issues. Folks who have come done this section have nothing good to say about it. I was beginning to think they were unfair in the their assessments.

My job was to watch the fuel pump to let
Russ know how much we were adding.
To do that, tho, I had to move my feet.
Such a bother!
Then came Fort Lauderdale

Once past the main port of call, the channel got narrower, and was bounded on both sides with sea walls and houses. Lots and lots of houses. From palatial estates to apartment complexes, for miles and miles, nothing but buildings. Additionally, all the bridges here were too low for us to sneak under. On top of that, boat density increased (probably more to do with the time of day, mid to late afternoon). While all the signs around us say "slow" or "no wake", the locals believe these are optional. Their wakes smacked us as they blasted by, then smacked us again, bouncing off the sea walls. Oh yeah. We get it now.

Riding through Miami

Landscaping, Miami style!

Not a black-n-white pic. Just rainy at sunset.
Oh. And weather. We kept an eye on it hoping to get anchored before the predicted thunderstorms in the afternoon. 

Finally we came to a lake (bounded by houses and sea walls), that had some space for us. We dropped the hook, exhausted. 4 minutes later, the skies poured open.

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