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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Shell Key to Long Arsenecker (Turkey Point), anchor

Those mooring balls sure make it easy to leave an anchorage. No need to wash off rode or anchor or bridles. Florida needs more of those!

As you look at the map you may ask yourself, "Jax, why didn't you just travel in a nice straight line, following the keys?" (Which is an odd thing to ask yourself. Bah dum bump - ching!) Turns out that stretch is the shallowest section of the ICW. Moreover, there's not much tide to help you out should you get stuck. So you go where the channel is marked, and don't even think about taking some shortcut!

Last night's sunset
That also meant we were traveling slow making for a little longer day. It couldn't have been more glorious. Balmy breezes, calm seas, blue skies. So what's a little 2 foot clearance on the keel?

Today's track also wound us in between a number of channels cut through islands. One of the niftier ones was at Key Largo.

Note the number in the lower left corner.
2.9 was one of the higher readings, today.
Keeping an eye on the weather there's going to be some bigger winds coming Thursday. We're making a push to get into some skinnier water on the ICW just for that. Sadly, that means no dilly-dallying (Sorry, Bill, we'll wave as we go by!) in Miami.

Long Arsenecker.... that makes me laugh.

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