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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

...thought I'd wait for something to say

 I haven't posted in a while since, frankly, there hasn't been much to say. We're hunkered down in Baltimore still, not traveling much due to the heat, not doing much due to the pandemic. Thus, no blog.

But the heat looks like it will break this weekend. So we may be underway soon. We plan on heading north to Bohemia Bay. We were there last year and the harbor hosts were incredibly kind and helpful. We'd love an opportunity to take them to dinner or something (if, of course, we can do so safely).

From there we'd head back south, staying on the east side. We'd been told a great place to anchor was near Chestertown. If the heat subsides that's very doable. We have a generator so we could run AC. But we'd like not to do that all night long. Noisy for us. Noisy for neighbors. 

We'll see. Hopefully I'll have fun pics to share. Here's more gratuitous sunset and sunrises in the meantime.

Sunrise. One thing about boat life, these don't get old.

New toys. Got us some electric scooter.

Not from the hurricane, just angry skies.

Me heading out for groceries. I feel a little like a ninja.
Inquest in the background.

Sunset #1

Sunset #2. This was a goodie.

It's a long walk for us to the club house on the C dock.
You can see inQuest on the D dock. It's literally a 1 mile hike
between the two. Quick dinghy ride, though.

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