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Tuesday, August 18, 2020



Yay, we did something! We went out to lunch.

Recently I'd been invited to have lunch out with some of the ladies boaters in the marina. But I couldn't make it that day. They went to Nick's Fish House, and raved about it. It wasn't the first time we'd heard about the place and had it on our "want to go" list. But they added, "You can boat there," which was easier for us than walking/biking/scooting to the place.

Seated on the Crab Deck
So we did. Weather was perfect all afternoon. Sunny, warm, calm.

We left around 12:30, got there about 1:30. After eating a pear and gorgonzola salad, a crab pretzels (you'll have to google that; it's a Maryland thing) and fish and chips -- all of it was wonderful -- we started the engines and came right back. 

Round trip about 3 hours. Great for us.

The docks at Nicks. You can just see inquest on the t-head.
We called both the restaurant and marina asking permission.
No one answered. 
No tickets were given so... we're good!

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