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Sunday, August 2, 2020

Hurricane a-comin'!

TS Isaias in Florida. Odds are it won't get
much stronger. Fingers crossed.
Having lived in New Orleans for a while I've been through a category 1 hurricane. Isaac. It was a bit unnerving. Enough so that we would have to be convinced to stay for a 2, and would definitely flee for a 3. 

The brunt of Isaac started around 2 am. For us that meant water, with the force and volume of a fireman's hose, sprayed onto our bedroom windows. Without stopping. For hours. But that was nothing, since we had power and water throughout the ordeal (the only thing we lost was cell network). Meanwhile in the rest of the city they lost power and lived without it for weeks.

Calm on the fairway so far.
There is a small craft advisory now.
The bay's probably challenging.
Isaias is heading this way. (Hm, it's always the "I"s for me). We'll be watchful, but currently aren't worried. There's never been a story of how Baltimore was wiped out by a hurricane. True, the weather is getting really weird so there's a first time for everything. We will remain vigilante and watch the forecast.

Fireboat testing their water spout.
I just thought that was kinda nifty.
To that end we made sure we have extra lines to secure the boat if need be. The thing that concerns us is not the wind, nor rain, nor waves. It's the tide. Tidal surges during hurricanes can vary 4 to 6 feet (more in some places), and that's either way, up or down. THAT is where the trick will lie. The pilings around here are over 6 feet, so we should be good there. And there's about 10 feet beneath us.

For now things are calm. Skies are partly cloudy. The hurricane will be here Monday night or Tuesday. If it gets too strong, however, we won't hesitate to check into a hotel.

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